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Install and Configure the 3CX SBC on Raspbian Linux

Install and configure the 3CX SBC on Debian & Raspbian Linux

  1. To install 3CX SBC on:
  2. Debian & Raspbian Linux, login as the administrative user via the CLI or SSH and run this command to install 3CX SBC:

    wget -O- | sudo bash
  1. Select <OK> to verify the “3CX Pre-requisites” screen and accept the “End-user License Agreement” to continue.

Enter the Web URL for 3CX PBX in SBC install configuration

  1. Enter the “Web URL” for your 3CX PBX, e.g., and select <OK>.

Enter the Authentication Key ID in SBC install configuration

  1. Enter the “Authentication KEY ID” from the SBC configuration page in 3CX “Management Console” > “SIP Trunks” and select <OK>.
  2. Select <OK> and proceed to restart and provision your IP phones via the SBC.

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